Yes, EVX store are available everywhere this means that if you are living either in Asia or in any other country where if the product is coming from USA or from the Europe then you will have to wait for sometimes because the shipping of the product takes some time and if they also do the air freight method the product will take time to reach their final destination and when they have reached there the company person will collect the order and then according to the address given to them they will take the product and then deliver it to the house of the customer safely and avoid any kind of extra damage to the machine because if this happens then it will be considered as damaged and then the customer is king and they can decide what they want to do with the product but the only thing is that even when you use the option of air freight for the particular product to be packed, stored and then to be shipped will take a time of either 3 – 4 days because one whole day will be required for the product to be reached to Asia because USA or any countries in Europe are much far away from the Asia countries and this is why it takes time to transport and also to make the paperwork of these products and then submit them to the proper authorities and then if everything checks out then you will be able to do anything you want and also use the machine in any way you want as all of these things are very simple.

The good thing about the EVX store is that they treat customers like family. This means that if the customer has any kind of request or they have any complaint, then the EVX store personnel will have to listen to what they are saying and then according to that give them the service which will place them and if it is something related to the whole product matter then you will have to check the product from every angle to check where there is a fault in the whole system and along with that if the customer has any kind of complaint or if they want a replacement then they can click on this link and go to the EVX store webpage and with that submit a complain report.

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